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Brainwave, Healing Sound, Hemisphere Balancing


I have been using brainstate technologies since 1990 and I am a big fan of Kelly Howell's Brain Sync products.

In my opinion, she has been doing a fantastic job of not only developing superior technology but also creating valuable products that are what most of us can really get great benefit from day to day.

They are easy to download and affordable so you can have them in minutes and easily order several titles. She is also partnering with top teachers and healers in their fields so her site is becoming a smorgasbord of success and creativity, health and healing, relaxation and meditation, focus and intention, and so much more.

There are a lot of companies out there now but the special hype and huge amounts of money being charged are basically not true or neccessary to get tremendous brain, mind, and body benefits you are looking for.

Check out Kelly Howell's site first. Giver her products a try. I'm sure they'll become a part of your life like they are mine.

I use and highly recommend these titles.
(there are lots of great titles I haven't tried yet)

High Focus:
I use this all of the time these days. Creativity and ideas flow all the time, every time, I listen to High Focus on my iPod while I'm writing, creating. etc.

Brain Massage: I use this one a lot lately too. I love 20 to 30 min. cat naps. Several times a week I listen to this on my iPod during my cat nap and feel fantastic when I'm done. I usually, go back to my projects and listening to High Focus. Great compliment.

Running Meditation: This one is awesome. I walk fast on my morning walks and this is FANTASTIC! If you run or walk fast you have to get this. It is an amazing energetic high that has I smiling and loving life more than I normally do.

Ecstasy: Of course, you know I'd have this one. It's great for energizing and general feel good.

Deep Meditation: This one is great for just what it says it is - deep meditation.
It gets you to that deep sweet place quickly and easily just like your a pro.

Awakening Kundalini: Fantastic, really! For newbie and expert alike this is one of the easiest most powerful Kundalini guided meditations I've ever used.

The Secret Universal Mind Meditation: Powerful! A must have for personal and global oneness and transformation.



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