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The exercises, techniques, meditations, tools, suggestions and tips on this page will help give you back your power to live your best life, release and heal old, stuck, and painful mental, emotional, physical hurts, blocks and obstacles and activate and empower your ability to create and attract peace, love, and prosperity.

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Check out our list of recommendations. Some have been around awhile, some are new, and we love them all. Clicking on a book title will take you to This page is still under construction, so we invite you to come back often to see what we've added.



Actualization's : You Don't Have to Rehearse to Be Yourself - Stewart Emery

As one of our favorites, it's a book we highly recommend. Stewart Emery says it best himself; that when we disappear the illusion of separation, what's left is that we are as we are and we are ultimately enough. We are magnificent, and we have been preoccupied with trying to be okay.

Once you own and read this book, we guess that your copy will become as highlighted and dog-eared as ours are.


Time to Think: Listening to Ignite the Human Mind - Nancy Kline

The book starts with the simple assumption that the quality of our thinking depends on the quality of our attention to each other. This isn't just another book about how to listen. It is a book about how to give people quality attention, thereby helping them to think, really think, creatively, powerfully and beautifully.


Power vs. Force - David Hawkins

Despite flaws in methodology and some overly simplistic conclusions drawn by the author, this is a very readable and insightful book. It provides a wonderful perspective about the nature of consciousness and holism, encouraging readers to explore the topic further and to practice the muscle testing methods in one's own life. Hawkins has done some important research, though it is important that those reading about and applying his methods recognize some of the potential pitfalls in the methods and conclusions.


Power of Intention - Wayne Dyer

Dr. Dyer has researched intention as a force in the universe that allows the act of creation to occur. He describes how we can raise our vibrational energy to access the field of intention, and how we can apply the principles of intentional creation to our own lives. We love and recommend both the book and the CDs.


The Art of Possibility - Zander and Zander

This book is based on two premises: the first is that life is composed of a story (it's all invented) and the second is that by creating new definitions, more is possible than we ordinarily think.

Here's an excerpt: "Remember how we used to dream as children of the delicious freedom and power of being grown-up? And somehow the dream vanished along the way, and we were energized only here and there by a job well-done, a spirited gathering, or an occasional week in the sun?...The possibility we saw so clearly as children got lost in the downward spiral, and we forgot the promise of our birth."

This book re-introduces you to the joy and promise of possibility.


Power of Now - Eckhart Tolle

In The Power of Now, the author describes his transition from despair to self-realization soon after his 29th birthday. Tolle took another ten years to understand this transformation, during which time he evolved a philosophy that has parallels in Buddhism, relaxation techniques, and meditation theory but is also eminently practical.

He shows readers how to recognize themselves as the creators of their own pain, and how to shift to a pain-free existence by living fully in the present. Accessing the deepest self, the true self, can be learned, he says, by freeing ourselves from the conflicting, unreasonable demands of the mind and living "present, fully and intensely, in the Now."


The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom - Don Miguel Ruiz

Be impeccable with your word, don't take anything personally, don't make assumptions, always do your best. These are the four agreements, which may appear to be simple, and yet they are not always easy to act on consistently. They can, however, be implemented immediately to create an energy shift in your life, and thus change how you feel about yourself and your life.

Just For Fun

God Save the Sweet Potato Queens

The Sweet Potato Queens have plenty of stuff to say and valuable wisdom to impart about how they went from being Cute Girls to Fabulous Women, including:

-Dating for the Advanced, or Advancing
-The Joys of Marriage -- if you must
-More Delicious, Death-Defying Recipes

The Sweet Potato Queens' Book of Love

In this book,the Queens offer tongue-in-cheek advice on maintaining the queenly look, magic words to get any man to do your bidding, and what to eat when tragedy strikes

The Sweet Potato Queens' Big-Ass Cookbook (and Financial Planner)by Jill Conner Browne

Fabulous women everywhere can have mountains of royal fun and food, because best selling author and Boss Queen Jill Conner Browne reveals her big-ass top secret recipes—and the events that inspired them—in The Sweet Potato Queens’ Big-Ass Cookbook (and Financial Planner). And, of course, she’s including a banquet of hilarious stories, including:

• Queenly adventures in mothering
• The tiniest bit of plastic surgery
• The all-true story of the Cutest Boy in the World

Personal Body Physics

Ageless Body, Timeless Mind - Deepak Chopra

A enduring book that challenges our belief systems about aging and shows us how to reconnect the circuits between our minds and our bodies. If you are interested in living longer, living healthier and living life in the moment, present to your body as an energy and information system, then we highly recommend this book.


Get Out of Your Own Way - Tom Rusk, M.D.

This book describes sixteen "mind traps" that can keep us stuck in unworkable patterns, attitudes and habits despite all efforts to change. After identifying and describing the traps, the author provides "escape routes" to freedom. Included are the self-doubt, fear of failure, jealousy, and perfectionist traps.


8 Minutes in the Morning - Jorge Cruise

What's Jorge's get-slim secret? Just 8 minutes of his unique strength-training moves done in the privacy of your home. A few minutes each morning is all you need to lose up to 2 pounds a week. Add the cutting-edge eating program that teaches you how to eat the right fats to satiate your hunger and cut your calories, plus a daily dose of motivational support from Jorge, and weight loss has never been easier!



8 Minutes in the Morning for Real Shapes and Sizes - Jorge Cruise

Experts agree that the most efficient way to burn fat is to build lean muscle tissue. The problem is that no one has time to work out. Plus, when you have 30 or more pounds to lose, traditional exercises can be hard on your knees and lower back. The 8 Minutes in the Morning® Real Shapes, Real Sizes Kit changes the rules. It will empower you to shed the pounds at home without any exercise equipment, and it’s extra-easy on your knees and back. In addition, Jorge’s brand-new People Solution® will teach you how to end self-sabotage by stopping emotional eating.


Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts -Regena Thomashauer

Believe it or not, most women can't pinpoint what really makes them happy. Mama Gena exhorts women to do what they love, because everything will follow: success, love, wealth, fulfillment. Mama Gena's training involves really understanding what we want for ourselves - and how we can allow ourselves to have it in such a way that everyone wins!



Beauty And The Bitch
Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting - Lynn Grabhorn

Is there a way to always have a fat bank account, or a better job, or a delightfully smooth relationship, or a better body? And if so, is it really possible to realize these dreams now, rather than at some unknown future time? Lynn Grabhorn answers these questions with a resounding "Yes!" In Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting, she says that what actually molds every moment of every day of one's life are FEELINGS. Using a candid, witty approach to a genre riddled with self-important puffery, she shows how feelings - not positive thinking, or sweat and strain, or good or bad luck, or even smarts - set the tone for people's lives. She frames her theory as a four-part plan that covers all the big topics - money, relationships, health, and spirituality - without being pompous or preachy. Grabhorn's "Law of Attraction" lets the seeker find peace and pleasure in life by feeling rather than by thinking.


Mama Gena's Operator's Guide to Men -Regena Thomashauer

This is the most fun book we've found so far for how you can get the relationship you want without sacrificing or diminishing your true "self". Mama Gena teaches you how to create really great relationships with men that are based on friendship partnership, and win-win...and how to have a lot of fun along the way.


Evolution Of Desire - David M. Buss

If we all want love, why is there so much conflict in our most cherished relationships? To answer this question, says noted psychologist David Buss, we must look into our evolutionary past. Based on the most massive study of human mating ever undertaken, encompassing more than ten thousand people of all ages from thirty-seven cultures worldwide, The Evolution of Desire is the first book to present a unified theory of human mating behavior.


Principle Edge
7 Habits of Highly Effective People - Stephen Covey

Stephen Covey does a remarkable job of explaining the importance of thinking with a win/win attitude that will take us farther than will having an attitude of "competition." "Thinking with the end in mind" helps you to set your sights on a goal and commit to that goal, while being flexible and open to the possibilities around you.

A vital component of this book is the importance of knowing your personal principles and mission. These become your "guiding light" or compass for making choices in your life, because they emerge from your core essence.

Money And Self Esteem - The Energy Connection

The Trick to Money is Having Some - Stuart Wilde

To quote from the book, "Abundance will never be a factor of how much money one has. Rather, it is always a factor of how one FEELS about what money one does have."

This book reveals the money game to be largely an internal quest for self-acceptance, and vitality, and points out that energy is what's valuable in today's society.


Money Magic - Deborah Price

In Money Magic, Price shows readers how to stop making fear-based money choices and how to transform their relationship with money to obtain the wealth they desire. The book is structured around eight "types": the Innocent (the ostrich approach); the Victim (blaming circumstances); the Warrior (conquering money); the Martyr (always rescuing someone); the Fool (gambler looking for a windfall); the Creator/Artist (regarding money as evil); the Tyrant (controlling through money); and the Magician (benefiting spiritually and financially from money). The Magician is the book’s ideal, and Price offers exercises to help readers attain it.


One Minute Millionaire - Robert Allen / Mark Victor Hansen

Written as both a self-help book and as a novel, this unique book provides people with the keys to becoming "enlightened" millionaires. This means making, keeping and sharing wealth ethically. According to the authors, what you need is a dream + a team + a theme to achieve millionaire streams of income


Time and Money: - Martin Sage, Sonia Becker

With the economy drifting and corporations in disarray, your financial future is in peril. Here's how to secure a prosperous future by transforming your passion into a profession. Learn how to design a career path that will change your life. This book shows you the map that successful people use to create their fortunes. Everyone can benefit from understanding principals of innovation and entrepreneurship. This book is especially useful for the following:

-Career Design for downsized executives
-Practice building for professionals
-Business development for corporations
-Growth strategies for craftsmen
-Startup methods for aspiring business owners
-Coaching skills that bring out the best in people


Seven Stages of Money Maturity - George Kinder

George Kinder is a Buddhist teacher and Harvard trained financial planner who links money maturity to the seven energy chakras. Money, the author says, "is the place where our internal selves engage the external world. If either side - internal or external, self or money - is slighted, the whole of life suffers."


The Energy of Money - Maria Nemith, Ph.D.

"Money is congealed energy," said Joseph Campbell, "And releasing it releases life's possibilities."

"A new approach for working with energy that can free your spirit, expand your vision, and help you achieve your purpose. A soulful guide for financial success." -Carolyn Myss.

Through easy to follow exercises and meditations, Dr. Nemith guides you to financial success and helps you manifest your special contribution to the world.


Vision Discovered
Power of Focus - Jack Canfield

The premise of this book is that people who focus on what they want prosper, and those who don't, struggle. This book teaches how to get rid of habits that hold you back, and how to develop powerful new habits to take their places. As the authors say, "success isn't hocus-pocus, it's simply learning how to focus".


Power of Focus for Women - Fran Hewitt

Many women today feel their life is constantly in fast-forward mode-juggling careers, family and personal time. The Power of Focus for Women offers practical solutions for the real day-to-day issues that confront women from all walks of life. Similar to the format of the original best-seller, these solutions are highlighted as ten specific focusing strategies. Each chapter includes inspirational success stories and offers easy-to-implement action steps that will help women make significant improvements in their lifestyles.


Transitions - Chaos To Clarity

Moving Through Life Transitions with Power and Purpose - Cara DiMarco

This book is a road map for self-discovery and growth, leading to a renewed sense of strength and optimism. Includes self-assessment, self-reflection, and journal exercises. Offers systematic coverage of complex psychological topics in a lively, easy-to-read format, filled with light-hearted examples and humorous illustrations.


The Way of Transition - William Bridges

An honest account of being in transition, this uncommonly wise and moving book is a richly textured map of the personal, professional, and emotional transformations that grow out of tragedy and crisis. Demonstrating how disillusionment, sorrow, or confusion can blossom into a time of incredible creativity and contentment, Bridges highlights the profound significance and value of endings in our lives.


Thriving in Transition:  Effective Living in Times of Change by Marcia Perkins-Reed

Unlike times past, transitions occur more frequently and may overlap. For example, you may have lost your job, be going through a divorce, taking care of elderly parents, or even have lost a loved one through death. Dealing with multiple transitions requires a new understanding of the process of transition and requires new skills to adapt to them. This book shows how to turn transitions from times of stress into opportunities for growth.


Multiple Streams of Income by Robert Allen

Would you like multiple streams of lifetime income flowing into your life?

If you answered "YES!", then you will profit from Robert G. Allens new book, Multiple Streams of Income.The best selling author of the #1 megahits Nothing Down and Creating Wealth will teach you how to create Multiple Streams of Lifetime Cash Flow. You'll learn 10 revolutionary new methods for generating over $100,000 a year–on a part-time basis, working from your home, using little or none of your own money.

Best selling financial author and mentor Robert Allen has researched hundreds of income-producing opportunities and narrowed them down to 10 surefire moneymakers for the new millennium.


Money is the Gravy by John Clark

In the flyleaf of this book are three questions:

  • Is your work a freely chosen, life-enhancing activity?
  • Does your job give you personal growth and self-expression?
  • Is you work a form of leisure--as enjoyable as going out to golf or meeting friends?
If you can't say "yes" to these questions, but you would like to, we highly recommend this book.


This Time I Dance: Trusting the Journey of Creating the Work You Love - Tama Kieves

If you are in a career transition, or if you are considering making a career transition, then this is a must read...again, and again, and again. It's the true story of one woman's journey from being a Harvard lawyer to following her passion as a writer and alternative career coach. This book is beautifully written. Tama will show you how to stop singing the "caterpillar blues" and begin your metamorphosis into an inspired life.




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