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"This weekend I got peace and direction. I saw that sadness is in the way of my brilliance. Once I handle the sadness, I can fill my cup. It's been empty a long time and I want it full. Transformation started this weekend and nothing can stop me now!" - Sylvia

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What humans can be they must be. They must be true to their own nature. – Maslow

Join us for three events designed to assist you in creating a life you love. Brilliant, fun, unique, and transformational, each course increases your awareness of who you really are, what you really want, and how to manifest it in your life. You were born with natural gifts, skills and abilities. If you have a sense of incongruency in some area or areas of your life, it may be that you have lost touch with your essential gifts. You are the happiest and healthiest when you have the opportunity to create not only your living, but your life, doing what you naturally love to do.

In the Principle Edge series, you explore ways to regain congruency between your body, mind and spirit by rediscovering what makes you truly happy. Then, step-by-step, you powerfully and intelligently put everything in place by developing a vision, tools, and action plans, and you gain access to resources and support. Yes, you really CAN have a life you love and you have the opportunity to create it by participating in these three courses.

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"Change your opinions, keep to your principles; change your leaves, keep intact your roots."
~ Victor Hugo

Do you know what your personal principles are? Do you live by your principles and use them to guide you?

Discover your Personal Principles in this fun, entertaining and enlightening weekend. Everyone, including you, has Personal Principles – defined as the comprehensive and fundamental laws, doctrines or assumptions by which you live your life. They are coded in your RNA and DNA and are as natural to you as your eye color and blood type.

Your Principles guide you, instruct you, and help give you a sense of well being, confidence, self-esteem and wholeness. If you have conflict in your life, it is likely that one or more of your Personal Principles are being violated.

If you are not consciously and intentionally aware of, and living by, your set of Personal Principles, then by default you are living by someone else’s, which likely leaves you feeling powerless, unhappy, and without peace or satisfaction.

Discover your Personal Principles and your mission in life in the Principle Edge

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In this fun, entertaining and enlightening weekend, find out what your Personal Principles are, and discover your mission in life and what makes you truly happy.

This is a lot to get from one weekend - The Principle Edge delivers! You will be amazed and delighted.

Discover your Personal Principles. Find out what actually has you choose the things you choose and do the things you do

Design your life so that you live it powerfully, based on your own unique set of personal principles

Clarify your mission in life - exactly what you're here to accomplish

OK, so we all have principles. The question is, how much do we really use them to guide our way in life?

When faced with a decision, choice or challenge, do you look to your principles for illumination, or do you choose whatever seems like a good idea at the time? Do you take the path of least resistance? Or do you do what feels right in every cell of your body?

If you are not being guided by your “core” principles, what is it, exactly, that you default to?

The Principle Edge will help you see clearly through the confusion, guiding you out of the fog of your mind to discover what it really is to be true to yourself. You will have an authentic experience of who you truly are, and you will come out of the course with your personal principles clearly identified and defined.

Having this experience of “seeing” and “feeling” your mission and principles will give you a solid foundation for making better and more fulfilling life and career choices.

What Will You Accomplish During This Powerful Weekend?

  • You will bring forth approximately seven principles that arise from the core of your being.
  • You will define your personal mission; the purpose for which you were born.
  • You will recognize and FEEL your principles and mission as the essence of who you really are.
  • You will create a solid foundation for making choices that empower your life.
  • You will learn how to sense when you stray off course and you will understand how to self-correct.
  • You will discover how to live your life from a brand new context of freedom, power, joy, confidence, passion and vitality.

To see examples of Principles created by others who have completed the course, click here!

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Develop your vision for your life

Rediscover dreams you may have given up on or forgotten

Complete those things from your past that have gotten in the way of the life you want

You were born with a purpose and the talents to fulfill on it.

As a young child, chances are you knew what that purpose was, you were even passionate about it. You knew you were born to draw, or fly, or heal or one of a million other things.

But somewhere along the way, that vision may have gotten lost. The passion you once felt got submerged in the process of living.

Whether your dream life is clear to you or you have no idea what it may be, this weekend long seminar will get you firmly in touch with your purpose - along with a sense of wonder, passion and excitement for what the rest of your life may have to offer.

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This nine-session series (over 4 months) is designed to support you in moving a project or business from vision to action to results. You will select a project, either a business idea or something specific you are strongly committed to accomplishing, and receive the tools and resources you need to bring it to life.

This series is holistic in nature. It engages your body, mind and spirit. You will be supported in staying in touch with and manifesting that which you opened up to and learned how to access in The Principle Edge and Your Vision Discovered.

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