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"Everyone is Telepathic." -Alan C. Walter

" We are spiritual beings having a physical experience." -Teilhard de Chardin

You are telepathic...and the world beyond your 5 senses is now coming into plain a part of this exciting awakening now.

Stand's almost ready...

Personal Physics: Energy Awareness 101
Teleconference Program by Teri Ritchie

Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm PDT

I've been encouraged, begged really, for years by my clients, friends and associates to do radio programs or talk TV or produce videos.. anything to make what I see, and what I teach about being human and energy available to more people more often. I realize now that it is time and it's essential for our quality of life and for our evolution to have these teachings readily available.

What is being presented here and how it is being being presented is probably the most day-to-day, real life, practical, useful, wake-up, confirming, powerful, have your life work out, AHA, own your natural telepathic nature, 'out there' information that you will ever experience in one place. And it's fun and entertaining too.

Personal Physics: Energy Awareness 101

Every thing is energy, everything!
You are energy.
Every human being is a spiritual and energy expert.
Everyone is telepathic.
Every human being is constantly communicating and perceiving energy at a level beyond the 5 senses.

Every human being is constantly creating, affecting, impacting, shaping, transforming and manipulating the world we call reality and that includes each other.

The ignorance of this reality is a primary human handicap.

IGNORANCE: n. The state or condition of ignoring or not knowing.
IGNORE: v. tr. To refuse to perceive or know.

It is not a mystery any longer. It is time to wake up. It is time to SEE and perceive the magnificence of life and the miracle of being human.

Join us for the Spiritual Energy wake up adventure of your life. Each Wednesday, beginning October 4th at 7:00pm PST, by teleconference.

There is no charge for this first introductory call.

Get involved and help the program, community and content evolve and grow while you evolve and grow.

Do this for yourself! For your family! For your world!

The How To's of waking up and what do after you wake up are very exciting.

This is such an exciting time to be alive.

This is what this course is all about. Waking up and learning how to be human: spiritually, energetically, sensationally, emotionally, physically, relationally. Wake up, come alive and merge your 5 sense reality to your true self and your true world that lies just just beyond your awareness.

Learn what it is to be a spiritual and energy being and how to use your natural energy so that everyone gets to win in life and learn how to recognize and handle those energies when they are being negatively impacting and turn them into positive and creative energies.

Personal Physics: Energy Awareness 101
Here are some of the program details.

Unlimited participants

4 weekly call sessions per month.
First 4 Wednesdays of the month.

Calls are recorded and posted on website for anytime listening.
(sessions recorded if you miss one or want to listen again)

1 to 1 1/2 hour teleconference.

Charter Membership rates now in effect. $88 for monthly subscription.

Pay by credit card via PayPal or by check.

and in addition you will have..

Member only access to special Personal Physics section of website.

Membership to Personal Physics Yahoo discussion group.

Email support.

Lots of resources, materials, empirical data and referrals.

Guest speakers and teachers.

Interaction and contribution opportunities for calls and discussion group.

Grounding, awakening and awareness techniques, energy medicine, EFT, self healing...and much more.

Tame and quiet your mind and put it to work for you.

Identify and work with earth and environmental changes to stay healthy while making rapid transitions.

And much much more...

Deeksha included. (see Deeksha) Call or email Teri if you have any further questions (714) 878-3852 or


To join in on the first call (free) Wednesday Oct 4th send an email to with your RSVP to be on the call. You will then receive the telephone number and Passcode number with teleconference instructions.

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I have spent 25 years studying human energy, human energy systems and the effects that our human energy has on ourselves, each other and on life in general all for the purpose of being able to live a happy exciting
awake life myself and to help others do the same.

I began my study as a desperate means to have even a small semblance of quality and sanity in my life. If I had known 45 years ago what I know now I would not have suffered so badly for so long just trying to be as close to normal as possible.

All I wanted at first was to be normal but what I discovered about 'normal' and the life of the 5 senses led me to an exhilarating life of adventure beyond anything that normal can or would ever offer because normal is about being asleep and ignorant. Ignorant about who we really are, what life really is and what we are really about as humans.

This is an exciting time to be alive. This is not your parents world any longer. The past isn't what it used to be. Knowledge, awareness, science/physics and metaphysics are changing the world we've known so fast it is exciting and even dizzying. Hopi indian prophecy states that we are 'the generation that walks between worlds'. We are the ones who are ushering in a new reality, a new consciousness, a new human. This is not an easy task but it is a powerful and exciting one.

My intention is that because of my journey and what I've learned along the way so far and what I continue to discover that together we can wake up and experience life as the joyful adventure it is meant to be, do our part in the transitions and not have to suffer in pain and ignorance removed from our source, our true heritage and each other any longer than absolutely necessary. Yahoo!

This series is not for everyone. It is only for people who really want to wake up and SEE and for those who will be responsible for themselves and what they see so that more and more of us can wake up to the JOY of life and this shared human experience.

So please enter at your own risk. The information, experiences, ideas, discussions and discoveries presented here and within these formats and by those who will share their journey herein are not to believed as truth but are intended for open intelligent, curious, and responsible exploration and discovery. Nothing presented here is to be considered medical or psychological advice. Please see a licensed, qualified physician or professional for any personal problems or concerns.

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