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"I shifted the way my mind works. Instead of my mind driving me nuts with shoulds and coulds and judgments, and negatives I have peace of mind and feel like I am in control of my mind and not a victim of it. I am having fun in my life now, feeling more confident and outgoing-I have more joy."

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Cracking the JOY Code:
How to have JOY all of the time

JOY is your natural state. Its your birth right as a human being. So how much JOY do you have in your life? Do you know how to create Joy in your life no matter what else is going on? Do you know that living in JOY most of the time is not a mystery and it has absolutely nothing to do with your circumstances or the people around you?

Do you believe that it is possible to live in JOY all of the time?
Do you believe that it is possible for YOU to live in JOy all of the time?

Well, it is possible, it is possible for you, it is possible right now, and this course will show you how.

They say that life is a game and that it is meant to be an exciting adventure of which JOY is a primary function so are you having fun
yet? Are you winning? What is your JOY level?

JOY is not what you think it is.

JOY is not a mystery.
JOY is not the result of circumstances going your way.
JOY is not the result of people coming or going from you.
JOY is not about people treating you right.
JOY is not about God or life blessing you.
JOY is not about being good enough.
JOY is not about being right.
JOY is not random.
JOY is not about the absence of life challenges.
JOY is not about deserving.

JOY is not about you, life or others finally being perfect.

Ok, that is what JOY is not so then, what is JOY?

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What JOY IS:
Even though you don't see much evidence of natural authentic JOY in the world or have very many role models JOY is a learned technique. It is a skill that we all as humans possess. Yes, even YOU!

JOY is a natural human function.
JOY is a state of being.
JOY is a technique.
JOY is a learned skill.
JOY is an energy.
JOY is a vibration.
JOY is a habit.
JOY is a state that is available 24/7.
JOY is a choice.
JOY is a state that creates health and harmony.
JOY is an energy that enlivens.
JOY is an energy that will have you live longer.
JOY is a vibration that enhances creativity.
JOY is a vibration that increases intelligence.
JOY goes on and on...

When you have JOY:
Why JOY and what do you have when you have JOY

You have greater energy.
You have greater health.
You feel lighter and brighter.
You have more confidence.
Your immune system functions optimally.
Your creativity is enhanced.
Your intelligence is increased.
You attract happier people.
Your relationships are more harmonious.
Your abundance flows to you more freely.
You attract greater opportunities.
You feel younger..
You act younger.
You look younger

and so much more....think, the bliss of falling in love but for no reason.

YOU are wonderful and Life is a miracle and it is too short to waste a second of it without JOY and being unhappy and it is too long to spend it in the pain of suffering and tolerating and without JOY.

Have JOY in your life now

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This fun and outrageous course will teach you about joy and how to have it in your life naturally, by choice, by intent, by design and by now.

You will learn why and how you don't already live in JOY, how these behaviors developed and how to change them so that you are in control of your life and your JOY.

You will learn the language, power and lifestyle of JOY.

Cracking the JOY Code: How to have JOY all of the time
What: Seminar and group coaching program
When: Scheduled by request
How: One session a week for 10 Weeks
How long: Two hours per session
Where: Hosted in the comfort of your home and the safety of your friends
Who: Anyone who wants to learn the language, power and lifestyle of JOY
How many: 6 to 12 participants minimum
Cost: $250
Includes: coaching, notebook, handouts, projects, exercises, buddies, bonuses, fun, and more fun. Special guest and resource opportunities as needed or requested.


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