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"How lovely to know that you don't have to be perfect - all you need to do is be." -Rusty Berkus

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Personal Physics 101: Fully Alive eCourse©

To be Fully Alive© means you’re fully energized, completely aware, feeling your feelings, and doing what you love. You are powerful, attractive and have the time and energy to do everything you want with ease and pleasure! You are loving your life.

This is a powerful and exciting program that will help you, step-by-step, become Fully Alive© and love your life.

Here are session titles and course descriptions:

Living In Your Own Skin and Loving It
What's it like to live in a human body and how do we learn to operate this thing? Let's get out of our heads and explore this bizarre territory. Many of us spend very little time here! Take some time to think about your relationship with your body; what do you love about it and what are you not so thrilled about? Does it support you in everything you do, or does it get in the way, sometimes? Is there anything you really want to change or would you like to enjoy it more, the way it is? We'll be doing a little goal setting in this class but first let's define what it means to be Fully Alive.

The Body as Your Environment
One of the "Nine Environments of You" is your body. What's the closer look? How has your body shaped who you have become? How does your size, your gender, your shape, your appearance and the ways you have changed over the years affected you? What role does your health play? Your satisfaction with your physical self? Think it doesn't matter? Ask yourself this: What were the first words you heard when you were born?
Instant Energy Drains
We live in a world of convenience, where much of what we want we can have, instantly! Little effort, lots of value - wonderful! Why then are we exhausted? Why do we run out of energy and get stuck, circling like a fish in a bowl? Let’s explore energy drains, especially the instant kind and see how we can break out of this trap!
The Environment of Obesity, Eating Issues (and Other Modern Ills)
We seem to be getting bigger or more obsessed by the day! What’s going on, has our DNA suddenly changed? This class takes a look at our modern environment and how it impacts our bodies. Remember: Memes change faster that genes!

Begin Where You Are: Celebrate
You’re on the road to celebration. Here are your first steps. Each of us will take a slightly different trip and each will begin exactly where we are. In this class, we’ll find out the truth about where that is. Then we’ll know what to do, next!

Nourishment: The Full Meal Deal
If you’re going to live a high-octane life, then your sources of fuel had better be great! Let’s talk about how to upgrade yours.
Expression: You Were Made To Move and Love It
Your body was made to move. The less you move it, the faster it breaks down. Let’s look at what you love to do and how that fits into your life - then create a strategy to keep you going.
Restoration: Rest, Peace, and Fun
Sometimes people forget this part. Like all living things, our bodies restore themselves automatically, but only under the right circumstances. Now that you’ve upgraded your nourishment and expression, restoration is more important then ever!
Don’t Take It Personally: Radical Self Care
Radical Self Care is about us and it’s not personal. In fact, it’s global! You’re lack of self care directly impacts everyone else. When you finally get this, you realize that, not only is self care not selfish, it’s actually the opposite of selfish!
A Little Kindness, Please: Starting With Yourself
This one ingredient makes all the difference between success and failure in the world. It’s the basic building block of Radical Self Care. When you’ve got kindness working for you, you are powerful, effective, and highly attractive!
What’s Bigger Than You? More Radical Self Care...
OK, if Radical Self Care isn’t personal, then what is it? And if you’re resistant to taking great care of yourself, then what’s stopping you? What makes this important enough for you to follow through? Let’s look at what’s bigger - or more important - to you. Who or what are you impacting that needs you to change?

and so much more ...

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Creating Your Owners Manual
It’s time to design the owners manual for the most sophisticated machine you’ll ever own!

Designing Counter Environments for Change
You know by now that, when it comes to Radical Self Care, much of your environment is working against you. It’s time to design a Counter Environment to evolve you forward!

Radical Habits
As you master Radical Habits, you’ll eliminate excess stress, and upgrade your self care.

Other People’s Environments
The new you and your new environments may not fit everyone else’s plans. Here’s how to handle conflicting environments.

The Inside Story
Is everything running smoothly, or are you stubbing your toes on stuff you didn’t know you had? We’ll pull out some tools for rearranging what ever doesn’t fit.

The Stories That Keep you Stuck
Whether you call it the ego, the gremlin, or the squirrelly rascal, somebody in your head has been making stuff up. This may pass for reality in your world, but that doesn’t make it so. If it was real it would work better for you! Let’s look at any places where you are getting stuck in your makeover process and see if removing the story doesn’t make it a whole lot easier.

Getting to Know All Your Selves
There’s nothing wrong with making stuff up, unless you don’t know you’re doing it. Let’s put our creative minds to work for us! We’ll use a creative process for uncovering hidden truths about ourselves. It always turns out to be good news and the process is fun!

How Your Mind Is Stuck In Your Body
You know by now that your body/mind is all one thing, so it should come as no surprise that when your mind gets stuck, it can show up as a physical problem. Here are some tools to help you do a little backtracking and find the sticking points that block your energy - and get it moving again!

The Eye of the Hurricane
When life is intense, thoughts and feelings fly at distressing speeds. This creates stress at every layer of your body/mind. It’s easy to get un-tethered in this environment. And it’s easy to get sick! How do you maintain a the dynamic equilibrium of a full life and still experience calm and wellness?

Dynamic Equilibrium: A vital key
This is perhaps the key to being Fully Alive: experiencing the ever changing equilibrium of your thoughts, your feelings, and all the systems of your body and not getting overwhelmed by them. Just as your body is always re-balancing, the other layers of your body/mind are too. When you come to enjoy this dynamic process, you’re there!

The Power of Play
If work is for joy, then what will you accomplish, now that you play for a living? To be Fully Alive means you’re fully energized, completely aware, feeling your feelings, and doing what you love. You are powerful, attractive and have the time and energy to do everything you want with ease and pleasure!

The Power of Giving
Instant Energy Drains are based in the Power of Getting, which always runs out. The Power of Giving is a sustainable Energy source, which transforms your self care into a unifying way of life. You create Radical Wellness for the world.

The Power of Simplicity
The cleanest source of fuel comes from the Power of Simplicity. This is the key to effortlessness and powerful living.

Treasure Chest: more resources
Resources, resources, resources

The Power of Celebration
Now that you’re Fully Alive, what could be more natural than a celebration?

You want all of these results right now don't you? Well, you can have them all but the best way for them to have a real and lasting impact in your life is to work with these lessons week by week, step by step.

"Life moves Moment to Moment, Miracle to Miracle." -Rusty Berkus

Fully Alive© is a comprehensive eCourse done in the comfort and privacy of your own home at your own timing. Each week easily and effectively builds upon the last. If you are ready to give quality attention to your self and your life this eCourse will provide the structure and the magic.

Fully Alive eCourse© is

27 weeks long

weekly lessons arrive in your inbox

additional ongoing tips and support

structure, information, activities, articles, exercises, audio files, and much more

email assistance, feedback and support

"Life is a classroom where it's okay to ask questions, and if you don't get the answers you get to go to recess and pass anyway." -Rusty Berkus

You deserve to feel Fully Alive© and now you can.

Register anytime 24/7. Register whenever you want, do it where ever you want, with whomever you want...but, just do it. It will change your life.

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Fully Alive© is valued at $2400.00 and worth every penny and then some. Wait until you see the depth and breath of the content and material and how you feel. I've never seen anything like it before in any other ecourses.

It's lucky for everyone that the work has already been done, assembled and made into an eCourse. You get all of the benefits at a fraction of the cost and at your convenience.

The convenience and price of becoming fully energized, completely aware, feeling your feelings, and doing what you love. Of being powerful, attractive and having the time and energy to do everything you want with ease and pleasure is only $69 a month.

Only $69 a month. Most of us have paid more than that for a gym membership and never went or at least not often. We've paid more than that monthly 'stuff' that brought us no lasting satisfaction or value. One woman wrote that she paid two and three times that much for lunches and coffee each month and that this course was one of the best things she has ever done for herself.

"The dignity the world awards you is in exact proportion to the dignity you award yourself." Only $69 a month for 7 months - 28 weeks to a new fully alive you and a fully alive new life.

It's your turn to feel good. Register now.

Call or email Teri if you have any further questions at (714) 878-3852 or or get started now towards that life you love....go to Register Now.

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