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"I'm listening to women in a whole different way. And it wasn't like I was forcing it.Suddenly, I just see how capable and strong and amazing we all are. I'm realizing for the first time what can occur when women are together and that men just don't have what we have. I feel like I've found friendship and belonging like I've never experienced it and I love it!" -Sue

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Access the Edge presents transformational and breakthrough programs for individuals, groups, small businesses, and corporations. In our courses, you learn to consistently achieve breakthrough performance, experience boundless energy, develop powerful, win-win relationships, and create a healthier work-life balance.

Discover what you REALLY want and what really works for your personal and professional success. Learn to separate "good ideas" or what well-meaning friends, family, co-workers or associates tell you that you "should" want, from what is actual and powerful for your life. Develop a higher level of "congruency" as you identify and define a lifestyle that allows your heart and mind to work together as a team to bring you what you want.

Become skilled at developing creative, innovative, outside the box solutions that move you from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Learn to listen for and identify your own personal brilliance, energy, and natural intelligence. Develop a higher level of charisma, which empowers you to create a win-win environment for yourself AND for the people you live and work with.

ACCESS THE EDGE in every area of life that is important to you. Click on a course name to see a detailed description.

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