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Personal "Body" Physics:
New Rules for Health, Happiness & Weight Loss

"I look and feel 20 years younger and
lost 55 pounds without trying."

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Better Than Hope, It's Outstanding!
You may have given up hope that you will ever have a life you love and feel good and lose weight, but your life, energy, vitality and physical body can naturally and easily be transformed in a way that you will love.

If you don’t feel good and you have extra weight to loose it’s not your fault!

The human body is designed to  operate brilliantly and will do so unless we get in
it’s way.

The life you've been trained to live is hazardous to your health.

The old rules are wrong! Gaining weight is not about eating too much and exercising too little. You can eat virtually nothing, and exercise all day and not budge a pound because it is not about how much or how little you eat or how much or how little you exercise.

It’s not your fault! Your training is wrong!

The good news is that the cause of the problem is the hormonal and chemical messages that you've been trained to send your brain, "your ancient brain", and what those messages tell your brain to do with your metabolism.

You don't have health issues or eating problems, you have a communication problem.

The New Rules
We now know enough about how the brain and the body work to that it’s all about communication.

Send the right messages to your brain and it will have your body (life) running perfectly in no time.

Send the wrong messages to your brain, it complies, you feel bad, suffer,  and wondering what happened.

The old rules trained us to send the wrong message to  our brains. Messages that create low energy, poor health, sickness, including weight gain. Your brain thinks your starving.

Your brain is doing what you are telling it to do and you are telling it to turn your energy too low to have good health and be slim and strong. You are doing exactly what you’ve been taught.

What do we have? We have a national  health crises and obesity epidemic that includes 85% of us.

It’s not your fault.

It made sense, from the old model, that gaining or losing weight was about how much you did or didn't eat and now much you did or didn't exercise.  It made sense but it’s still wrong.

Low energy and Weight Gain are "SYMPTOMS OF IMBALANCE" just like high blood pressure and heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, inflammatory issues, and just about every kind of die-ease and malady.

Anyone who has lost energy and health and has gained weight knows how awful and helpless it feels to have your own body betray you and feel out of your control.

Apple Pie?
Trying to be healthy living by the old rules is like trying to make apple pie with spaghetti ingredients. It is never going to happen. You keep trying harder, but no amount of trying and efforting will change the outcome because, well, it's all wrong. Won’t happen, can’t happen. No amount of pain, frustration, or trying harder is going to get you apple pie with spaghetti ingredients.

Personal "Body" Physics Coaching helps you stop the insanity and create a powerful, healthy life you love right now.

Life becomes Easy as Pie!

When you connect the dots the way they are meant to be connected life works effortlessly. When you make apple pie with apple pie ingredients you simply get to enjoy apple pie. Life becomes Easy as Pie!

When you are living your life with the Old Rules every area of your life is difficult. Living from the New Rules every area of your life starts to become easier even if you are only focusing on one or two problems or issues. When life isn't working in one area of your life it isn't working in all the areas of your life. Become aware of how the New Rules operate in your day to day life in one area and all of your life will simply start to right itself.

Taking effective congruent action in your life is very different from struggling and suffering never feeling like you're getting anywhere.

The shift from the hard life of the old rules to the effortless, powerful life of the New Rules is quick, subtle, effortless. Don't wait, start now!

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This is a WONDERFUL LIFE CHANGER! Transform...

  • Low Energy to Vitality and Strength

  • Feeling Powerless to Powerfully Being in the Drivers Seat

  • Feeling Your Life Isn't Working to Having a Life You Love

  • Fuzzy Distracted Thinking to Clarity, and Certainty

  • Low Self Esteem to Joyful Self Love and Respect

  • Not Enough You to Go Around to Clear and Powerful Boundaries

  • Trouble Saying No to Easily Knowing & Communicating Your Truth

  • Constant Fatigue to Consistent Energy

  • Stiffness, Aches and Pains to Feeling Young Again

  • Inflammatory Problems to Being Healthy

  • Uncontrolled Food Cravings to Eating Satisfaction

  • Pain of Being Overweight to Joy of Health and Fitness

Quickly and effortlessly experience renewed power, health, energy, and vitality and lose weight as a bonus ...without even trying.

"Start Now"

Personal "Body" Physics

You cannot experience joy and fulfillment and a life you love if you don't feel well and have little energy.

Your ENERGY is EVERYTHING! If you are going to be happy, successful, prosperous and have a life you love, you have to get your energy back.

If you suffer from low energy, fatigue, hormone imbalance, inflammation, digestion or blood sugar problems, weight gain or obesity, dull fuzzy thinking, insomnia, and other health and stress related issues ...Please Pay Attention.

You are a victim of our Old Rules and you can turn it around to become healthy, happy and get your body back too.

I was alarmed in 2002 when I first heard a news report stating that 70% of all doctor office visits were made by women with preventable lifestyle related health issues. The problem is much worse now.

Weight and weight issues have become a health crisis for women.

A couple of years ago I saw Dr. Donnica Moore on The View. She said then that 68% of women in the US are overweight and more than half are considered obese. Newer statistic report that 75% to 85% of us are included in what is being called a national "health crisis and obesity epidemic" and the majority affected are women.

I'm on a soapbox about this, I admit it!
I had all these health issues myself. I tried EVERYTHING but nothing worked. In fact, it seemed that everything I tried made my health, energy and weight problems worse. It took many, many frustrating years but I finally found out how to connect the dots. I found out how to finally make apple pie and enjoy it. I regained my energy, vitality and youthfulness AND I lost 55 pounds without even trying. I'm not kidding. Fat just melted off of me because I found the right way to communicate with my brain to give me back my energy and burn off the stored fat. It happened fast.

There was no struggling, no trying, no will power, no efforting. I hardly paid any
attention to food or eating and what attention I did focus was fun because it
was so easy, I felt so good, and I was losing weight so fast.

I worked with a lot of eager volunteers in developing this extraordinary programs to make sure they would get the same results I got. And they did.

Personal "Body" Physics is the ultimate health, energy, vitality, longevity and weight loss program. It's incredible! It teaches you to naturally instruct your brain to do the work it was designed to do all along. Which is to keep you strong and healthy

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This program works. It works every time for everyone who is ready so if you're ready they'll work for you.

~ NO dieting
~ NO will power
~ NO heavy exercise

~ NO diet pills or gimmicks

~ NO food cravings
~ NO efforting
~ NO feeling deprived
~ NO worries about rebound weight gain

~ You will lose weight effortlessly
~ You will feel energetic
~ You will feel young again
~ You will sleep well and wake up refreshed

~ Many illnesses start to reverse and even disappear

~ Forget Extreme Calorie Restriction for longevity. This new program is the new natural path to health and longevity.

This program is incredibly easy and effective because you're working with the New Rules so food cravings disappear in just a few days.

Personal "Body" Physics Coaching is a 360 degree, crystal clear view of the New Rules and how they apply to you to transform your health and weight right now.

You'll have a strong, knowledgeable, supportive coach who has been there, knows the NEW RULES and not only experienced the struggle with low energy, health and weight issues but also the joy of success.

Together, we'll create your plan, map your path, and identify everything you'll need for success. You'll have a partner from the beginning to success.

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Program Overview

Personal “Body” Physics Coaching teaches you New Rules to communicate with and instruct your body-mind for Health, Happiness & Weight Loss in 6 major areas.

  • Neurotransmitters, Hormones and Chemistry
  • Body-mind Communication, Physical Energy and Activity
  • Nutrition, Energy, and Balance
  • Beliefs, Emotions and Feelings
  • Environment and Relationships
  • Lifestyle and Habits

Your food cravings go away as if by magic in just days...that's what makes this program so easy. You don't have to use effort or will power or feel deprived.

Call now to get started. Within a week you'll be saying what everyone who has participated in the program has said, "wow, who knew it could be so easy!"

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2 Outstanding Programs to help you experience your best healthy, happy life.

1. Powerful Private One on One Coaching
Your personal expert will guide you directly to success.
Phase 1: Get Started Now
4 to 6 months. Day and time to be determined by mutual agreement.
Once a week 1 hour telephone call with your personal coach
Health and well being assessments and quizzes
Your personal customized program
Support emails, texts, phone calls with Coach as needed
Additional program information and support
Exciting Bonus eBooks, Articles, Audios, Videos.
Phase 1 program Playbook, Journey Log, Quick Start
You have a powerful hands on partnership with your Personal Coach.

2. 6 Month "Get Started Now" Synergistic Group Coaching
Phase 1: Get Started Now

4 short months to Powerfully transform a life time of faulty information.
Day and time to be determined by group agreement
Groups of 3 to 8. Strength in numbers. Bring your friends and family.
Once a week 1 hour group conference call
Once a day during the week 10 to 15 min team member support call
Your personalized program
Health and well being assessments and quizzes
Additional program emails, newsletters, information and support
Email, text, group leader support and Q&A
Group Leader phone support (group leader discretion)
Phase 1 program Playbook, Journey Log, Quick Start
articles, ebooks and much, much more...

Call Teri at (714) 878-3852 or email at

Ask about our Affiliate Program coming soon.

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Group Leader and Certified Spiritual Energy Health Coach Training

Personal "Body" Physics Coach & Group Leader Training
and Certification Program.

Group Leader Training: Begins Oct 5th 2009
6 Month Program:
Prerequisite: Participation in Private and Group Coaching

Certified Spiritual Energy Heath Coach
1 Year Program:
Prerequisite: Group Leader Training

Call or email for information and to request
Application Process for either or both programs.

Call Teri at (714) 878-3852 or email at


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