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Empath Training 101

A Special Emapth Training Program
for Empaths and Sensitives


Listed are some of the basic topics that are explored in this 6 week course. The training is personalized to each client’s needs and understanding so the topics, order of topics and depth explored are also customized. This is an overview course that also gives practical, hands on, understanding and tools to demystify life and empower your health, joy, and awareness, giving you the ability to trust yourself, the process of life and the possibility to create your life free of fear.

For more information and to register call Teri at (714) 878-3852 or email at

~ What is an Empath?
~ How do I know if I’m an Empath?
~ Who am I anyway, what’s wrong with me and why do I feel so different?
~ The upside and downside or gift and curse of being an Empath?
~ How can I turn it off and get some peace?
~ What is Energy?
~ Energy as guidance and information.
~ The world beyond the 5 senses.
~ Frequencies, levels and layers of energy.
~ Is there such a thing as good and bad energies?
~ Life as a creative experience.
~ Who is in the drivers seat? Ego, personality and reality.
~ Trusting myself and inner guidance.
~ Is there anything to be afraid of? The joke we play on ourselves regarding fear.
~ Intuition, imagination, visualization, dreams and desires.
~ I’m The One! There is no out there out there.
~ My life is my personal responsibility and my grand game.
~ Playfulness, curiosity, noticing and distinctions as important tools.
~ The comic absurdity of being human.
~ The body and mind as information transmitters and receivers.
~ Sensing energy.
~ The world of the 5 senses.
~ Sensing energy in others.
~ Learning the language of energy information.
~ Reading and translating energy information.
~ Being present and conscious in your environment.
~ Being fully in your body.
~ How do these energies effect my health? Can energy cause pain and make me sick?
~ What is pain? The myth (joke) about pain and suffering.
~ Transforming pain and suffering into light and growth and power.
~ Unconditional love, forgiveness, releasing and allowing.
~ Orienting yourself in time and space.
~ There are only three types of business in life.
~ There are only three places you can ever be in life.
~ The importance of grounding and grounding practices.
~ Boundaries, boundaries, boundaries.
~ How to not take life personally.
~ You don’t end at your skin.
~ Chakras, meridians, auras, energy bodies, etc.
~ The Matrix, the field, the collective, the unified field includes people.
~ What effect do I have on others? How can I tell and then what can I do?
~ What about other people’s energy impact on me? What do I do about that?
~ Picking up other peoples thoughts and feelings.
~ What about feeling other spirits?
~ Self healing and healing others.
~ Transmitting your own thoughts.
~ Changing the past, creating the future.
~ Energy Medicine Techniques for health and vitality and release techniques for releasing pain and blocks.
~ Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
~ Personal Physics Technique
~ And much, much more…

Empath Training 101 begins this exciting journey...

Empath Training 102 continues into exciting inner worlds that impact and expand everything you think you know about yourself and life.

ET 102 includes

~ Developing much more refined sensing and perceiving skills.

~ Mind, face and energy reading

~ Remote viewing

~ Remote influencing

~ Self hypnosis

~ Self and other healing from the Matrix

~ Creating and manifesting from the Matrix

~ Powerful and refined release and awakening techniques and practices.

For more information and to register call Teri at (714) 878-3852 or email at


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