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"Teri's coaching has had me look at parts of myself I did not want to confront. Her straightforward approach and loving acceptance allowed me to stop avoiding what I didn't want to see, and now I am learning to be more playful with my self and my life including my shadow side. I am learning to be more curious and less judgmental about who I am and what I really want. As I discover more and more about what I really want, I find my energy, vitality and joy for life returning. I find myself asking "What's next?" in my life a lot now, and looking forward to discovering fun ways to answer that question." Sue, Project Manager
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“Who exactly seeks out a coach?…winners who want even more out of life. –Chicago Tribune

Everyone needs a coach or coaches. Everyone who is or has ever been successful in life got to that success with the help and support of many people. There is no such thing as a self made man (or woman). Having wise counsel is what sets people who win apart from those who lament their missed opportunities and lost dreams.

It is the nature of being human that we don't see all of our own strengths, or weaknesses either for that matter. No one person has it all. We all have our specific natural strengths and abilities and we all have our specific blind spots and insecurities. We all have certain important skills, knowledge, strategies, and resources but we also lack too many of these same things in other areas to be able to manage everything that is required to make our dreams come true and live our best life.

You can spend years and years trying achieve your goals and dreams by yourself with fits and starts and one obstacle after another ending up not much closer to your success but being tired, frustrated, and feeling pretty beat up. Or you can take the easier, faster, more direct path. The path with a coach. Someone who has been there and knows how to get you where you want to go.

We succeed and thrive when we have one or more people in our lives who are committed to our winning and living our best life.

Below outlines the general coaching process so you can get a sense of it. Keep in mind that coaching is an organic process that gets designed just for you and your best life...

There is no obligation to find out what it would take for you to have your best life...call today. The numbers are listed on the bottom of the page.

Coaching and You…for your business, career, health, relationships…your life.

The Coaching Process

What is coaching?

Coaching is a collaborative partnership.

Use synergy to spark your creativity.
…Creativity is the most effective way to add value at low cost.
Use support to maintain your momentum.
…Coaching provides the structure to keep going amidst chaos.
Use strategies to accelerate your success.
…The coach is your personal and business strategist.

Coaching is a professional service.

You are working with a trained professional.
…The coach is an expert in people, life and achievement.
You set the focus.
…The coach works for you as a collaborative partner.
You have a dedicated partner.
…The coach is committed to your success.

Coaching is a success tool.

You hire a coach to achieve results faster.
…Coaching adds value and this value is measurable.
You can use a coach to master a skill set.
…Coaches also teach business, personal, and success skills.
You use a coach to forward your life.
…Coaches work with you to design the perfect life for you.

Why work with a Coach?

The benefits of Coaching

You reach your goals faster.
…With the right strategies and support, goals happen faster.
You create new opportunities.
…Coaching is a synergistic process that sparks creativity.
Your life gets even better.
…Your entire life quality improves, not just parts of your life.

How does coaching work?

Coaching happens in three steps.

Step 1. Select a significant goal.
…Values-based goals have the best chance of being reached.
Step 2. Design a strategy to achieve that goal.
…The right strategy helps you reach the goal in half the time.
Step 3. Get into action with a partner.
…Action builds momentum; momentum carries you forward.

You work in 3 key areas.

Who you are…
…Your special skills, gifts, talents and resources.
What you want…
…Your personal, professional and business goals.
How to get what you want…
…The most progressive strategies and valuable skill sets.

Work as you work best.

Coaching is done by phone or in person.
…Usually via a one hour session, and frequency depends upon your specific coaching program.
Coaching typically runs 6-24 months.
…Results begin to occur immediately.
Coaching fees typically run $450-$1500/month.
…The fee includes the regular sessions and additional support.

What’s Next?

Spend a little time with a coach.

Share your dream or share a problem..
…We will listen quietly and respectfully.
We will ask you a couple of questions..
…That will get you thinking in a fresh way.
Permit us to share a strategy or idea with you.
…This is something valuable you can take away with you.

To rediscover meaningful, passionate, and joyful work that expresses who YOU are and for peace of mind, health, vitality, freedom and a life you love contact Teri at teri@accessthedge.com or (714) 878-3852 or
contact Sue at
sue@accesstheedge.com or (949) 212-4345

No charge for initial consultation.

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